sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Wireless networks and the smart grid

Last thursday, I gave a talk to students at Universidad de Sonsonate. Sonsonate is a city which is 60 kilometers west from San Salvador. I went as a volunteer of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE). The trip was very caotic. I had to bear this custom of taxi drivers of refueling gasoline with passengers inside; wasting precious time. The taxi driver got lost several times and we arrived very late.

However, There it was Manuel. Manuel is the IEEE student branch mentor at Universidad de Sonsonate. He had everything ready. So, I could start my presentation immediatly . Acording to Manuel, 130 people (students and professors) attended the called. I was bombarded with questions. Students showed a lot of interest in our measuring electrical consumption project.

Before my arrival to Sonsonate, I had already emailed Manuel about my idea to let students know the potential of MOOC. At the end of my presentation, I asked Manuel permission to talk about this new way to study american college level courses.

Most of them were electrical engineering and computer engineering students. I told them about my experience with MITx 6.002x. I encouraged them to take it this fall. I hope they will.

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