miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012

Campaigning on Circuits and Electronics (part II)

During the afternoon, We visited two more classes. The audience this time was different. These students are in their third year. In El Salvador, as in most latin american countries, engineering is a five and a half years long program.

As an average, students take 9 years to completion. More than half of these students are stuck in the third and fourth year of their major. Many of them, without exaggeration, are living under a kind of terrified situation.

Students wanted to know things like if they could earn any kind of credit by taking the course. I explained to them that there are some universities that have given credits by some MOOC courses. Also, I said to them that there are some other universities that are planing to give credits.

I ended with the impression that many of our students would be happier earning credits with EdX than with our regular courses. Sadly, I would admit that probably they could move ahead easily with EdX than with us.

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