sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Massive Open Online Course

The concept of Massive Open Online Course was introduced at the University of El Salvador. I was invited to give a talk to a gifted teen program. Programa Jóvenes Talento or gifted young program is a proyect supported by the Science and Mathematic Faculty and the Ministry of Education.Some of these students are strong candidates to study abroad. So, for them, I hope, this could be very helpful.

Besides my presentation, there were half a dozen more. The talks were given by young students who are studying abroad, mostly in the United States. The purpose of the meeting was to stimulate the love for science. But as I could see on the very faces of these youth and their fathers was a desire to go abroad to study. At the end of my presentation a couple of very anxious teens came to me; as if I were the very one who was awarding scholarships.

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  1. My name is Mauricio Magaña and I was in the presentation of the course online, which was very interesting to me; so it would be very nice if you give me the web page of the course. My email adress is chouji_neji@hotmail.com. Thank

  2. EdX webpage:
    Circuits and Electroncis