sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

An email from Priotr Mitros

As I said in my last post, I contacted Tony, a PhD student from Stanford. Tony successfully used 6.002 to teach teens. He also told me, this fall, he will use new edition of 6.002x to teach at the National University of Mongolia.

I noticed, In each email, Tony always copied Priotr Mitros. Priotr is a Chief Scientist of edX and Research Scientist at MIT.  Without knowing Tony's work in Mongolia, I asked Tony if Priotr was aware of his work. To this question, I received an answer from Priotr: "I am extremely interested in this initiative; it's very much aligned with the long-term goals of edX, and exciting to myself personally", He said.

I said to Priotr, we are going to use our experience, as former 6.002x students, to help students who are going to take 6.002x. At the University of El Salvador (the only public university in the country) we are going to make 4 groups. Target student will be the one one who is studying  second or third year. For each group we are going to have an instructor. Instructors have already approved 6.002x, so they can give support. Groups have been chosen according progress in the major. For example, one group still does not have any background on circuit analysis neither on electronic. Actually, these group will be studying basic electromagnetism at the time they will be taking 6.002x.

Last month, I emailed the idea to our national IEEE president. He liked it. So we are going to incentive the study of 6.002x.  IEEE student branches are going to play a key roll. I have contacted each IEEE student branch mentor. I have received very enthusiastic responses. So I expect that four salvadoran universities are going to be competing for trying to get more students enrolled.

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