miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012

Campaigning on Circuits and Electronics (part I)

Today we started visiting different classrooms. Fredy, Juan and Gabriel have joined this effort. As I posted previously, these three young guys took 6.002x last spring. They have already made their minds to work as instructors of 6.002x second generation. Three other students joined us. They came as representatives of the IEEE student branch.

Our very first audience was made of electrical engineering sophomores. They were the ones enrolled in a programming course. The programming professor told them to come to my talk. Probably, netxt year, as many as half of them, will be taking the first circuit analysis course. So we encourage them to do Circuits and Electronics thinking on their future as students.

All around me I saw enthusiasm. I perceived the smell of learning by learning sake. To see real guys who have had such a success, passing a MIT course with an A as a grade, was very encouraging for these sophomores.

I heard some question regarding the English language. But Gabriel told them that there are many tools that can help to overcome this difficulty.

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