sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

I got an email

I regularly visit 6.002x web site. I do not know, probably I got addicted to it. From march to june I was a MIT student. Precisely, I was an online student. Few weeks ago, I found an entry with the title: edX in Developing Countries: Replicating the case of Mongolia. This title called somebody's attention. A former 6.002x-student left an email address, trying to contact the person who wrote the entry. I wrote to him.  Briefly I told him I was starting an initiative which involve salvadorean universities. Tony, as he introduced himself, responded  immediatly.  He said,  he was " very hopeful about the impact of edX on developing countries."

First I thought, he was a social science PhD student trying to discover the impact of web education. Later, I discovered he was a PhD stanford student, a former MIT undergraduate, who made something nice with 6.002x. His case has been used by EdX. He used MIT-6.002x to teach high schools students basic electronic. He carried out this experience in Mongolia.

I told Tony that for this new edition of 6.002x we are planning something bigger. We want to register more than 100 electrical engineering students. The number is very big if you consider it represents 20% our total student enrollment. In addition, trough the IEEE, I proposed the same idea to other universities which have IEEE student branch. So we are going to be on a kind of competition. Four electrical engineering deparments from four universities.

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