miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012

Campaigning on Circuits and Electronics (part III)

This week I have continued campaigning on Circuits and Electronics. I talked to two courses. Both courses are on  circuits analysis. The first one I talked to are the students who failed the very first course on circuit analysis (40%). The other course are made of students who could move ahead to the next course (60%). The electrical engineering degree at the University of El Salvador requires two courses on circuits analysis and three on analog electronics (the total curriculum is made of 48 courses).

During the last twenty years both circuit analysis and analog electronic have developed  a very bad reputation among our students. Students get stuck. Professors do not offer real help. Time-to-degree overpass nine years. And dropouts, seems the only way out.

I have started this effort in the hope this could change the way professors and students look at higher education. Students should learn to study; professor must learn to teach.

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