jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012

Women in Engineering (III)

We had the chance to visit again Centro Escolar España. This time We did not have to ask for an invitation. We were asked to give a talk on electrical engineering and to do experiments with electricity.  They gave us a tougher group of girls. Teachers gave us two groups of eighth graders. It was not easy to keep their attention. But when the moment to experiment with electricity came, everything change.
Girls were very enthusiastic about our experiments with electricity. We try made them to interact with our live demonstrations. We took with us an antenna training kit. We showed them the power of electromagnetic energy. Perhaps, the very same experiment Nicola Tesla performed at the end of the nineteen century. 
This effort requires a lot of logistics. We have to carry with us electrical cords, projectors, laptops, lamps, solar panels, circuit boards, and so on.

Normally we begin given a powerpoint presentation. But I have noticed that this has very little if any effect. Girls want to watch us acting as magicians. They want to participate and prove to other peers how brave they are.

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