jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

6.002x Midterm Exam (I)

Midterm exam has been opened. Thousands of people around the globe are going to pass through the experience of being tested on Circuits and Electronics. Different ages, different religions, different lenguages, different backgrounds, thousands around this planet have planned to be alone spending some time this weekend working with a computer.

I had  liked to take midterm today, the very first day. But today I have to make a trip to Bahía de Jiquilisco. We are guests in an opening ceremony. Our department, the electrical engineering school, has been working on a community outreach project. We have provided technical support to a photovoltaic electrification project. This year more than fifty rural elementary schools are going to have a very modest photovoltaic system. The very first school to have the new system is in Cantón El Cordoncillo, San Luis La Herradura Municipality. The school is in an island. To get there it will take many hours and different transportation systems.

See if after coming back from my trip I have the energy to start with midterm!

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