lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

Midterm Exam (IV)

Since 6.002x started, on September 5, I am writing a blog. Now that midterm exam is over, I would comment some measures I took during examination period. I decided to title some entries with the names: midterm exam and midterm exam solutions. I wanted to measure the impact those names had on our 6.002x community. The blog has had a very modest impact. However it has been constant along the weeks. Last entries attracted the attention of many people. Below, I would show some results. The numbers of visitors increase twentyfold.
 India, USA, Spain and El Salvador were the top four. If we consider population ratio, It is surprising that a tiny country like El Salvador (6M) could follow behind India (1200M), USA(300M) and Spain(46M). As I understand a round two dozen of our students are taking 6.002x. I know that very few students in three other universities are following the course. Also I am aware that some alumni are studying 6.002x.

But what were they looking for during the last weekend? Google's blogspot statistic gives a little hint. We see that searched words were related with finding the exam solutions. Some people even wanted specific solution to a given problem.

I understand cheating is stronger in some societies than others. I wonder if this experiment could stimulate values given in MIT honor-code. I would put some extra effort to explain students why it is important to be honest. MIT 6.002x could give us the pleasure to feel better about ourselves.

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