viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

6.002x Midterm Exam (II)

Just a few minutes ago, I  finished midterm exam. I have to say, as I have already said in this blog, that I am retaking 6.002x. Last spring I got 94% in this exam. Today I could barely improve it by 3 points.  I left to the end two bugs to solve with only one chance on each one. But I could only get through one. So I missed my chance to get 100%.

To make a computer grading student exams will be challenging. This whole MOOC experience I have self imposed upon me is making me think about the way I grade students. I am a professor. Along my years of experience I have graded students differently. Let's take for instance the small bug that didn't allow me to get 100%. Probably, In my first years as a teacher I had not given 100% for not having a perfect answer. But now I am getting old, and a little bit wiser, I hope. Looking the way the way the solution has been approached, identifying the bug, I think I should had graded better.

Computeres can not take in consideration all those things professor take in consideration when they are grading exams, papers, and so on. But, wait a minute. Computers, after all, are programmed by professors. So It is just to find the way, to make the grader system better.

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