viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

Educational robotic from Ahuachapán

Ahuachapán is the capital city of a department with the same name. It is located in western El Salvador. It holds borders with Guatemala. Ahuachapán has been know for the international geothermal community because since 1970 holds a geothermal power plant. Since a years back, Ahuachapán has done a tremendous effort to attract tourism. Two small countryside towns have started to build a reputation as tourism destinations. Concepción de Ataco, or simply Ataco, has grown a successful tourism industry.  Behind, Apaneca is following the same path.

This week we invited an alumni who has started up an educational robotic business
and an online shop. They are located in Ahuachapán city. They are not producing only software but hardware.
The project called the attention of the geothermal company in Ahuachapán. Their public relation department decided to hire them to give a robotic course for kids. Around twenty school kids have been studying robotics with the software and hardware developed in Ahuachapán.
Almost at the end of the presentation, Vladimir, our former student, told us about how he got to know python (the programming language he has used to build his software). He told us he got to know it in a talk. Like the very one he was given. The difference was that years back he was the young student.

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