sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

Small Signal

It has been four weeks since Circuits and Electronics started. I have noticed that some students have given up. There are others that are doing a terrific job. But there is a group that are on the verge to give up. In order to help them I organized an open exposition with experiments on small signal. In addition, I wrote on paper the exercises that were published as tutorials in week four in the first 6.002x. All the exercises were published on a wall so students could look at them.
Also, I had the idea to explain the small signal concept using a LC circuit as a frequency demodulator. We generate the FM signal using two old signal generators---one as a carrier and the other as a band base generator. We use an LC amplitude modulated tuner.

In addition we used a thermistor, as part of a wheatstone bridge, to illustrate the possibility to measure microwave power.
I have noticed that public demos have attracted the attention of our students. I have started to call it nomadic circus approach.

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