viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

6.002x Midterm Exam (III)

Midterm exam was designed to take two hours. I did it in five hours. Before summiting, I double checked all the answers. I have to say I did not prepare myself an exam environment. I had several interruptions and my computer crash once. Below I will describe my timing.

Q1 took me 20 minutes. Rapidly, I jumped over Q2. Then I stopped for dinner with my wife. We watch TV and a friend of us came to the house. So I could only put an hour more, just for solving Q3 (51 minutes). I was so tired, my computer had a severe crash. So I decided to continue the exam next day. 

During this morning, I got stuck with Q4. It took me 1:43 minutes! In Q5 I found my first bug and I decided not to spend much time on it (15 minutes). I continued with Q6 and got my second bug (25 minutes). I had 94% of the exam completed in almost 4 hours. (Q1: 20';Q2: 33';Q3: 51';Q4: 1:43;Q5: 15';Q6: 25'). I spent one more hour chasing two small bugs; But could manage to get just one.

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