sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

Conversations at a Supermarket

As almost every weekend my wife and I went to the supermarket. We are very lucky. We have one very close to our house. So we can keep with our not-having-a-car life style. To keep our plastic consumption low, We take a backpack with us. So we do not need to use the supermarket's plastic bags.

The supermarket is inside of a small mall, called Centro Comercial San Luis. Today was a crazy day. It was as if half of the city decided to come here for shopping. In the mall, We decided not to cash money from the ATM. The long line scared us. We decided to use our plastic money. And there We were at the supermarket, not knowing what to take for lunch.
 Centro Comercial San Luis, San Salvador, El Salvador (Panoramio).

Electricity and Magnetism in the supermarket
As we were in the line, I watched toward my back and there I saw a colleague from a neighbor department.  As we were waiting our turn we had a small conversation about 8.02x and professor Walter Lewin's lectures.

It was a small conversation. I told him that before coming to the supermarket I had been studying 8.02x first week lectures. He told me he was also a 8.02x student. In his face I could see how much he had been enjoying this first week material. It was a natural conversation as if we had been talking about tomato's high price or meat low quality.

At home I started to reflect about how EdX--and all this MOOC dynamic---is affecting people's daily life. It is very astonishing to have a conversation on physics in a supermarket line.

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  1. Hello Professor Carlos Martinzez, you can edit or cut my previous comment. Fred Finster. Do you have access to Aurdinos for training in El Salvador? Are Arduinos expensive in EL Salvador. What about RaspberryPis www.rapberrypi.org are they expensive too. I just wish to share my engineering experience with students who thirst for knowledge. Fred Finster 503 400-9106

    I also have setup an elastix http://elastix.org VoIP telephony server that I am using. Would be interested in what training materials you have for Elastix.
    Hope that you enjoy more conversations about Magnetism and Electricity. There where a couple titles about electricity that David Bordanis wrote that I saw listed on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

  2. Hello Fred
    You can contact me at carlos dot elsalvador at gmail dot com.